Feeding Koi

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Question 1. How often should I feed my koi?
Answer: Koi consume more food when the water temperature is higher. That means less food when the water temperature is lower.
Best time to feed koi is early morning and late afternoon, just before dark.
During the warmer months you can feed your koi several times a day as long as you have a filter big enough to cope with the waste your koi produces. Don't forget more food, more waste in your filter. Watch your water quality. If your pH is going down there is a good chance your filter needs cleaning.

Question 2. I heard you should fast your koi during winter, is that true?
Fasting koi is mostly done in countries that have a very cold climate in winter where it snows and ponds can even ice over.
Feed only with quality pellets that are high in wheatgerm. The wheatgerm helps with digestion during colder seasons.
Position and location is a big factor to your koi's environment.  Ponds vary, some maybe in full sun and a warm climate, some maybe in shade in a cold climates etc.
Treat each day according to the temperature. if the water is cold, just a small feed. if it is really cold and too cold for you to go outside, don't feed your koi on those days.
Remember carp in there natural habitat are usually on the search for food all day long.

Question 3. What food is best for my koi during Winter?
The 2 feeds we sell and recommend are Maxigrow and Supergrade. Both of these feeds are manufactured regularly every 4 - 8 weeks from the freshest produce available. Extra Wheatgerm is automatically added during the cooler months to help the koi's digestion.
Wheatgerm loses its protein and nutritional levels quickly if it is not kept fresh. Always keep your koi pellets in a good sealed container.  
Question 4. How much food do I feed my koi?
Let your koi tell you how much they want, but only give them what they can consume in about 3 minutes.
Koi eat more when the water is warmer and less when the water gets cooler.
If it is extremely cold, too cold for you to go outside don't feed your koi as their metabolism slows right down when the water goes below 10C.  
Best times to feed your koi is early morning and late afternoon or just before dark.

Question 5.  Should I have different size pellets to feed my koi because I have small and large koi in the same pond?
Answer: No, Koi from 10cm and up only need only a #3 pellet (3mm). Koi do not have teeth. The can digest a smaller pellet easier than larger pellets. A lot of  Koi farmers use around the 3mm pellets for all their size 10cm plus stock.